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Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod (2pcs/pack)

Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod (2pcs/pack)


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Vaporesso Zero 2 Replacement Pod Cartridge is suitable for Vaporesso Zero 2 Kit. It has two types of pod for you to choose from : 1.0ohm Mesh Pod and 1.3ohm CCELL Pod. Designed with PTF (press-to-fill) filling system, it is easy to refill and can prevent leakage. The e-juice capacity is 3ml (standard version), 2pcs each pack.


The Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Cartridge is 50% larger than the previous Zero Cartridge and additionally uses SSS leak-resistant technology. The built-in 1.0ohm MESH/1.3ohm CCELL Coil in the cartridge can provide you with different vaping experiences.

→1.3oΩ CCEL Pod, it can output at 9W

→1.0Ω Mesh Pod, it can output at 11W

Vaporesso Zero 2 Cartridge Parameters:

Brand: Vaporesso
Product Name: Zero 2 Pod Cartridge
Capacity: 3ml(standard version)
Pod Type: 1.0ohm Mesh Pod, 1.3ohm CCELL Pod
Fit for: Vaporesso Zero 2 Kit
Filling Type: PTF (press-to-fill) filling
Quantity: 2pcs/pack
The package of Zero 2 Cartridge Comes With:
1* Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Cartridge 2pcs


The 1.0Ω mesh pod can be differentiated from the 1.3Ω by looking at the bottom of the pod. The bottom of the 1.0Ω pod is red while the 1.3Ω is black. I used exclusively nicotine salt ejuices in the 25-35mg range with these pods, varying from 50/50 to 70VG.

The 1.0Ω mesh pod was by far my favorite out of the two. It hits just right with medium strength nic salts and the draw is nice and strong when the battery is above 30%. The draw gets a bit weaker when you’re in the 1 arrow battery life range so this was usually my queue to find a charger. Flavor is really good from this pod which was surprising given the resistance, but I really enjoyed it. While I didn’t have any wicking issues, I did have a very small amount of leaking with 50/50 ejuices. Not enough to pool in the device, but enough where the sides of my pod had ejuice on it when I pulled it out.

The 1.3Ω pod was the complete opposite experience. I really disliked every minute of using this pod. Even with the device fully charged it feels like it’s dead. The draw is just super weak. It’s a tight MTL draw that is not overly tight, but it feels like the vapor you would get if you had a complete lack of airflow. As a result, the flavor was extremely muted and my ejuices didn’t taste like much at all. The only positive to this coil is that it did not burn or give me dry hits, despite feeling like there was no airflow. Like the 1.0Ω pod, this pod also leaked a little with 50/50 ejuices.


The ZERO 2 with the 1.0Ω pod is a really great device. I think Vaporesso has really nailed it here when it comes to making a pod system that is just as easy to use as possible. This is a device that even a complete beginner to vaping will have no trouble using. All you have to do is push your ejuice bottle into the fill port to fill the pod and draw on the mouthpiece to vape. That’s it. There’s no other maintenance required and no other settings to adjust and wonder if you’re using it right.

The ZERO 2 just works and if that’s the type of device you want, it should be a top pick. The downside is that the 1.3Ω pod is just awful so make sure you purchase some extra 1.0Ω pods with the device.

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